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Contact Community Services, Syracuse, NY
Contact Community Services

About & Affiliations
What is Contact Community Services?
Contact Community Services, Inc. is a multi-faceted organization that supports the social, emotional, behavioral and mental health of children, youth, and adults. We deliver this support through

Our History
Contact Community Services began in 1971 as a 24-hour telephone counseling and crisis hotline staffed entirely by volunteers. It has been operating continuously since then—that’s more than 360,000 hours of uninterrupted service to Central New York and beyond! During this time, our volunteers have been responding to calls about suicide, abuse, depression, relationships, financial and job worries, family issues, sexuality issues and much more. Calling the hotline has been a first step towards getting help and a safety net for people in crisis.

While our volunteers answered the Contact Hotline, Contact staff was also answering the call for other services in the community. Our expansion into school programming and training around social and emotional skills began more than 35 years ago with communications and anger management workshops for elementary school children, and later, suicide prevention presentations in high schools, a peer counseling telephone line and Teen Talk radio, youth development programs, crisis response team training for schools, and other services that helped youth develop resiliency. Today, our broad range of school and youth programs help children overcome academic and non-academic barriers to learning and school success. When necessary we provide case management to children and their families to help them access and navigate human services, and medical, mental health, legal and educational systems.

Our 24-hour telephone services have expanded over the years. In addition to the Contact Hotline, now operate two information and referral services available 24 hours by phone or on-line:

In 2009, Contact and the Mental Health Association of Onondaga County, Inc. became affiliates. This affiliation broadened our outreach to the community and strengthened our presence as a mental health support organization.

Our Mission
Contact Community Services helps individuals and organizations create positive personal and social change to improve the quality of lives in central New York.

Our Vision
Contact Community Services will be a recognized leader in fostering healthy emotional development in the community by offering resources and expertise that build upon the strengths of the diverse individuals and organizations we serve.

Our Philosophy

  1. We are committed to the personal growth and development of each person we serve.
  2. We are optimistic that the people we serve can improve the quality of their lives. Our job is to help them discover the necessary resources.
  3. We value innovation, our capacity to adapt to the changing community and our ability to adopt the best, most current solutions.
  4. We believe collaboration is the best vehicle for providing services to our community.

Affiliations and Certifications
The Contact Hotline is one of about 80 centers nationally that meets the strict standards and criteria required to be certified by The American Association of Suicidology. AAS accreditation validates service delivery programs that are performing according to nationally recognized standards and best practices. Contact has certified by the since 1991 and undergoes recertification every five years, most recently in January 2011.

Our program is also a member of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, a nationwide network of crisis centers. Calls originating from anywhere in the country are routed, 24 hours a day, to the nearest available crisis center. The Contact Hotline is the call center for nine counties in central and northern New York State.

Contact is also a member of the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS) which sets standards for information and referral services.

We also hold an operating certificate from the New York State Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services. This certificate is required so that we may provide prevention services through our Student Assistance Program.

Five staff members are certified instructors of Mental Health First Aid. Certified instructors may teach the 12-hour Mental Health First Aid to any interested audiences in their communities. Instructors undergo tight credentialing by the national authorities to guarantee strict fidelity to the core Mental Health First Aid USA program model, while also maintaining the flexibility necessary to reach their unique audience needs and direct them to local resources for help.

Contact Community Services coordinates the Primary Project for Syracuse City School District. Primary Project, developed by the Children’s Institute is recognized by the U.S. and New York State Departments of Education as an exemplary prevention program.

Children 1st, our six-hour class for parents in divorce, separation, or custody disputes, is certified by the New York State Parent Education and Awareness Program.

Staff members also participate in a wide range of community task forces and initiatives.

Our Facility
For the first time in its history, Contact owns its own administrative office and training center. We purchased and renovated 6311 Court Street Road, East Syracuse for occupancy in summer of 2012.

A large training center for school and community workshops was furnished and equipped in part by a grant from the Central New York Community Foundation. This space will allow us to expand capacity, improve comfort, and increase effectiveness of our educational services. Many of our programs operate off-site at area schools, and staff members maintain offices at those locations as well as at our administrative office.

Phone: 315-251-1400  
Fax: 315-251-2218

6311 Court Street Road
East Syracuse, NY 13057

Vehicle donation call 877-999-8322

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